Monday, 27 May 2013


My daughter Ruth and her The Boy Child have arrived to spend half-term with me.
There will be a birthday to celebrate.
There will be other family members to see.
There will be fun and laughter.
It doesn't look as though we will have the weather to go with it, but you can't have it all.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

Better late than never

Time flies by! Thank you if you dropped in for a visit and I'm story if I haven't replied to any of your requests. The minor health problem continues to be a nuisance and it makes me feel very 'under the weather' and sometimes more than a little miserable.  Poor me - compared to the problems of some people, I am fit and healthy! Life has also thrown up a couple of upsetting things but they are not for public viewing and in time they will be resolved I hope.
Two bright spots on the horizon are the half term holiday and the visit from my youngest grandson and then in the first week in June, a trip to Scotland to see my almost grown up grandson ........ He is after all much taller than me!
The weather is unsettled for the time of the year and I long for some sunshine - not that I'm one to sunbathe but the warmth is good for the 'old bones'
I trust that if you pop in for a visit, your day will be filled with love and laughter because we all need to be loved and laughter is said to be the best medicine.