Monday, 25 March 2013

Another week

Didn't manage to post last week (maybe it was the week before?) but here I am again trying to write something that might interest a casual browser.
Do people browse?  It's rather like reading othere peoples' mail and not answering!
The last few days have brought snow (ugh) and bitterly cold winds but I am thankful for a warm home and lots of comfort.  My thoughts have been with the poor souls who have been without electricity for days.
I spent a few days with family - unfortunately the youngest member had chicken pox so all plans were postponed.  On the good side it meant lots of cuddles under a lovely blanket (thanks Auntie Liz) and time to watch the wonderful film 'Beauty and the Beast' more than once.
Yesterday I met up with other family members and braved the weather, travelling to Cheshire to see my great neice, aged 9, in her Dance Concert which was most enjoyable. The stars of the show turned out to be the three year olds who under a little supervision performed their version of the Sugar Plum Fairy!  Needless to say they probably received the most applause.
Today has been Bookclub meeting. 'Cold comfort farm' was declared to be a book worth reading, a book with more than one laugh out loud section.  The choice after Easter is Hilary Mantel's 'Bring up the bones.' - don't think there will be much humour there!
Hope the above caption fills your day.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

End of the week

The week, as usual seems to have flown by - maybe it's because I am getting older!
This morning saw me at the coffee shop to meet my sister and my great neice for a catch up chat. That took care of an hour or two. My g-neice is pregnant and looks very well and seems to be organised for the coming months.
Then I had a surprise - a nice one - I chose a World Book Day book for my young grandson and when I went to pay for it, the manageress said there was no charge for her regular customers.
Now I am back at home with the afternoon before me.
I think I will choose to be 'lazy' because a long running minor ailment is making its presence felt. This might be the perfect time to catch up with my reading.  The chores can wait!
My sister and husband are coming to lunch tomorrow but they won't mind a dusty/untidy home as they will be more interested in food and family time! :)
Enjoy the weekend, whatever you are planning.

I've posted twice this week! I'll keep you guessing as to when it might happen again.

Monday, 4 March 2013

A fresh start

Another long absence! Is it because I feel that the computer is in control or am I still a bit of a dinosaur and prefer to play with pen and paper?  The answer is prbably a little of both!
Bear with me.............
This morning meant a trip to that well known coffee shop for the weekly Book Club. A highlight of my week. Mary (our leader - a lecturer at a local university) works us hard but is encouraging and says that we know more than some of her students!!  That does wonders for the confidence.
This morning we looked at 'Ozymandias' by Shelley which led to a very interesting discussion.
Read it and see what you make of it. Apologies if anyone reading this is a University graduate in English!!
As for the rest of the week ......... a team meeting tonight at church to look to what happens once our Minister retires.
Tomorrow I plan to visit an old neighbour , a lovely lady in her 85th year, almost housebound but always cheerful.
Wednesday is a 'working' day as I have a sermon to prepare.
Thursday ....... not sure yet
and Friday means meeting with the house- group to talk and then lunch with a friend.
Saturday is always a trip to the coffee shop and this week I will collect the next book for the Book Club - 'Cold comfort farm'  Anyone read that?

Don't kow when I will be here again - my life is fairly mundane and I would't want to bore you.
Take care and enjoy your week.