Monday, 10 June 2013

North of the Border

Here I am with what is known as 'the Scottish Office' - the part of my family who are north of the border! This place is so relaxing with it's wide open spaces of sky and beautiful scenery, I feel as though I have been here for days instead of only thirty six hours.
As usual, my s-i-l John is head chef and I am provided with what he once called 'waist widening dinners' - this was placed before me last night and I had to join in the evening walk around the village to try and work off some of the calories!

I should add that it was delicious.
The weather was glorious yesterday so we went out and about, making the traditional visit to Brodie Castle (tea and cake anyone?) and then to the fantastic viewing point over Findhorn Bay. The beauty and the the silence of the surroundings is better than any tonic.
Liz took some self portraits, but we laughed so much I doubt they will be worth showing to any one else. I might scrapbook one of them for posterities sake! I don't like having my photo taken at the best of times but had to 'pose' whilst Liz played with he new pocket sized camera.


  1. It was a giggle taking the photos but the one of you turned out well xxx

  2. That's a lovely photo of you ... and I miss those waist-widening dinners! x

  3. That is a lovely photo of you with that glorious background ... How wonderful to have one's meals made!