Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rested and relaxed

The days have slipped by in a quiet blur and I have enjoyed the quietness of this place. Add to that of course the glorious summer weather, sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. I know that in parts of the UK the heat has caused problems but here north of the border, it has been perfect with only a couple of days when it really was too hot to be outside, even in the shade.  Moss has been sensible and found a cool spot each day to snooze away the hours until the family are back home and I have eaten lots and lots of ice lollies!
I have visited the local town (the bus fare gave me a shock as I travel for free when I am at home) but the scenery along the way and the town itself with its nooks and crannies gave me value for money!
I have taken some photos but have still to upload them but I'm sure that I can find something here to brighten the written word.

How about this for the local Primary School?  Looks more like a castle but was built with money left by a local man who went to America, made his fortune and wanted to do something to help the village children have an education.  A good use of his money.



  1. What a splendid school! Must have seemed like a palace ... No wonder learning had value. Glad oh are enjoyed a nice time.

  2. How lovely to explore, I love a chance to wander round somewhere different. And what a building for a school - I imagine the children must enjoy going there - more like a fairy tale than a school x