Sunday, 28 October 2012

Family Traits

This is me earlier this evening with my youngest grandson, The Boy Child.  I can look at this photo and smile for two reasons: 1) because The Boy Child is gorgeous and 2) he's such a chip off the old block.  His choice of reading material echoes the type of reading material his Grandpa would have chosen.
Isn't the science of genetics both wonderful and amazing at the same time.


  1. Chip off the old block indeed. He and his cousin have matching hair cuts too :0)

  2. Lovely photo - and how nice that you can enjoy it all over again! He is, indeed, very cute.

  3. I have always said that if Ruth felt a need to 'pass TBC on'I would happily have him....that's one future heartbreaker!....and it's always lovely to discover unexpected family traits!
    Alison xx