Monday, 25 March 2013

Another week

Didn't manage to post last week (maybe it was the week before?) but here I am again trying to write something that might interest a casual browser.
Do people browse?  It's rather like reading othere peoples' mail and not answering!
The last few days have brought snow (ugh) and bitterly cold winds but I am thankful for a warm home and lots of comfort.  My thoughts have been with the poor souls who have been without electricity for days.
I spent a few days with family - unfortunately the youngest member had chicken pox so all plans were postponed.  On the good side it meant lots of cuddles under a lovely blanket (thanks Auntie Liz) and time to watch the wonderful film 'Beauty and the Beast' more than once.
Yesterday I met up with other family members and braved the weather, travelling to Cheshire to see my great neice, aged 9, in her Dance Concert which was most enjoyable. The stars of the show turned out to be the three year olds who under a little supervision performed their version of the Sugar Plum Fairy!  Needless to say they probably received the most applause.
Today has been Bookclub meeting. 'Cold comfort farm' was declared to be a book worth reading, a book with more than one laugh out loud section.  The choice after Easter is Hilary Mantel's 'Bring up the bones.' - don't think there will be much humour there!
Hope the above caption fills your day.


  1. Hilary Mantel should be a hit with your group ~ I thought it was fabulous!

  2. I'm glad the blanket was useful last week. Wish I'd been snuggling under it watching Beauty & the Beast. We love that film.

  3. Beauty and the Beast is a favourite here too...glad to hear you're keeping warm!
    Alison xx

  4. We certainly need warm blankets at the moment! I bet those 3 year olds were cute to watch ;) Beauty and the Beast was my youngest's favourite Disney movie. Keep warm Rhona xx