Monday, 4 March 2013

A fresh start

Another long absence! Is it because I feel that the computer is in control or am I still a bit of a dinosaur and prefer to play with pen and paper?  The answer is prbably a little of both!
Bear with me.............
This morning meant a trip to that well known coffee shop for the weekly Book Club. A highlight of my week. Mary (our leader - a lecturer at a local university) works us hard but is encouraging and says that we know more than some of her students!!  That does wonders for the confidence.
This morning we looked at 'Ozymandias' by Shelley which led to a very interesting discussion.
Read it and see what you make of it. Apologies if anyone reading this is a University graduate in English!!
As for the rest of the week ......... a team meeting tonight at church to look to what happens once our Minister retires.
Tomorrow I plan to visit an old neighbour , a lovely lady in her 85th year, almost housebound but always cheerful.
Wednesday is a 'working' day as I have a sermon to prepare.
Thursday ....... not sure yet
and Friday means meeting with the house- group to talk and then lunch with a friend.
Saturday is always a trip to the coffee shop and this week I will collect the next book for the Book Club - 'Cold comfort farm'  Anyone read that?

Don't kow when I will be here again - my life is fairly mundane and I would't want to bore you.
Take care and enjoy your week.


  1. Nice to see you back. Looks like you have a busy week ahead. xxx

  2. I agree IS nice to see you back..enjoy your week!
    Alison xx

  3. Looks like a full and busy week! Glad your tutor is affirming and so appreciative of you all. Hope ou continue to enjoy the learning and exploring!