Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Another week

Yes, another week - already April.  Where does the time go?
The Easter weekend saw me busy in church with some thoughtful services and a beautifully decorated church on Easter morning.  Wonderful - but guess who forgot to take her camera? I will remember the array of flowers but it's our Minister's last Easter with us before she retires and it would have been nice for her to have some photos as a reminder of the day.
We are officially in British Summer Time - the custom of altering the clocks which I dislike as I tell myself that I have lost an hours' sleep!
The weather hasn't moved into anything like summer yet, not even sure it knows that Spring has been. The sun has been shing today but still very cold.
No photos to add at the moment - I tell myself that I must do better.
If you have dropped by, I hope that all is well with you and yours.


  1. It's still really cold down here too - I feel like we're missing out on the Spring flowers and wonder if they'll just give this year a miss. I'd like to get busy in the garden but as we're still having quite heavy frost feel I should wait a bit longer. I'm sure once the weather improves we'll get better at taking photos again too :) x

  2. I'm glad H's last Easter service went well. No spring up here either but hopefully that means the nice weather will keep until you visit in May. Haven't taken many pictures either as the camera is too heavy to cart around everywhere. Hoping my new pocket size one will make me do better. xxx

  3. Surely Spring must arrive soon! It's beginning to heat up nicely here...I'm hoping to go plant-shopping in the next couple off days!
    Alison xx